Some testimonials from our guests.

"Once again. Thank you to all the crew and guests. You guys made the trip so much more than just a cage dive. It became the Rodney Fox Experience. Nothing can compare to that. Cheers to everyone involved" Paul & Kate, Australia

"This may sound somewhat cliche, but I sincerely felt this trip was a positive life changing experience. I may now go back to my own life with a new appreciation of the world we're living in. A huge thank you to everyone involved, Andrew, crew and the other guests!" Stephen Smegelski, Canada

"RFSE is no doubt, one of the best products on offer in Australia. An experience which is unique, genuine, educational, enjoyable, shark lovers and photographers dream come true" Teresa Zamora, The Exclusive Travel Group

"Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the incredible experience you made possible. What an absolute privilege and an unforgettable three days. Keep up the fantastic work making more dreams come true" Jess Newell, Australia

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