Surface and Ocean Floor Diving

Diving with Great White Sharks is what our Adventures and Expeditions are all about. The wonder and excitement of being in the water with these amazing creatures is indescribable.

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions gives you much more dive time – more time to immerse yourself in the world of the Great White Shark.  Each dive schedule is planned on a daily basis, taking into account weather conditions and the type of diving experiences our guests have signed up for. If you’re a Surface Cage novice (as most guests are) there’s no rushing or cajoling – just encouragement and care. This is an experience of a lifetime – we want you to enjoy it!

We are the only tour operator that has Qualified Dive Professionals to help you through every aspect of your dive, including accompanying SCUBA divers in the Ocean Floor Cage.

Surface Cage

The surface cage holds four divers comfortably. You enter the steady, super-strong cage from the lower platform of Dive Deck, and are completely safe at all times. Then the fun, excitement and pure adrenalin rush of the Great White Shark experience comes to life. These magnificent animals are mesmerising and majestic, and glide effortlessly around and below the cage. Surface Cage diving is available on all our tours, and suitable for anyone above the age of 8.

Ocean Floor Cage

The Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is the ONLY TOUR IN THE WORLD that has Ocean Floor Cage Diving. Anchored off the Neptune Islands, up to three guests and a Dive Professional descend approximately 20 metres (66ft) into world that will captivate and spell-bind – a blue aquarium of rocky outcrops teeming with reef fish, white sand and swaying sea-grasses, laconic Giant Blue Groupers, elegant stingrays and a watchful assortment of sharks. And, of course, the Great White that appears out of the blue and sweeps gracefully towards, over and around the cage. It is amazing! To experience this awesome spectacle, a SCUBA diver must have PADI Open Water (or equivalent) certification.

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