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Although limited live footage actually made it to the final "Jaws" cut, some of the excitement, humour and comradary on location here shaped some of the structure of Peter Benchley's and Steven Spielberg's classic movie, and actually changed the script!

Rodney was an associate producer and also starred in a major 70mm IMAX production "Search for the Great Sharks" which created records in the world IMAX theatre circuit.

His shark attack and views of Great Whites is featured in a prominent interview with Jean-Michael Cousteau on board the Alcyone in the Television documentary The Great White Shark, Lonely Lord of the Sea.

Rodney discovered and led the first expeditions to film Whale Sharks off Exmouth Gulf in north Western Australia using a spotter aeroplane and radios to guide the dive boat to the sharks. Rodney logged over 500 dives with these gentle monsters, during the first seasons.

The National Geographic television film special featuring Rodney entitled "The Fox and the Shark" shows regularly on television throughout the world. This film features Rodney's activities on 3 major expeditions during the last two years with Great Whites, Whale Sharks and Reef and Silky Sharks in the Bahamas as well as highlighted history from the past 30 years of his diving and shark adventures.

Rodney's talks and films on the Great White Shark have educated swimmers and divers to the realistic potential of shark attack. He delivers a firm message that " sharks are not all that bad, we have very few confrontations with them and we should look after all our fishes especially the Great White ". He positions the Great White as an important "keystone predator" directly controlling the diversity and abundance of other species in the great web of life. It does not seem an unreasonable claim that Rodney has been largely responsible for exposing much of the world to this great and spectacular leviathan. His message;

"We must learn to live with and understand all sharks including the Great White Sharks and not kill them simply out of fear".