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Sponsored and named by Lucie Houriet

Irčne is a 3.2m female white shark.  Based on her length, she is approximately 8 years old and is a sub-adult white shark.

She has a distinctive white marking on her lower caudal fin.

She was first sighted in June 2010. She is a feisty little  female with a distinatcive white splotch on her lower  caudal fin. She was a very curious shark, approaching the bottom cages very very closely,  even investigating the metal with  her nose and giving the divers the  ultimate thrilling experience!


About the sponsors

Irčne is named after sponsor Lucie's aunt. Her aunt was a very kind person, with a big heart, who sadly died a few years ago, from cancer. Lucie and her aunt were very close.

Lucie, who is from Switzerland, loves sharks as she loves every single animal, she gives everything she can as often as she can to save the earth and animals. Her husband Yanne bought this sponsorship for her 29th birthday on November 2nd; great white sharks are his favorite animals ! :-)