About Us

Founded by world-renowned shark authorities Rodney and Andrew Fox and shark researcher Dr. Rachel Robbins, the Fox Shark Research Foundation's mission is to inspire the appreciation and understanding of great white sharks through research and education.
With our ongoing expeditions and research, we aim to contribute to a greater public realization of the important ecological role that this species plays in our oceans and why their future needs to be insured.
Such study and awareness programs are aided by access to “Fox Great White Shark Expeditions”. This benefit is shared with the reputation of respect and integrity that these expeditions have provided since the late 1960’s, in providing the world with images, education, and prominent film documentaries revealing this mysterious and elusive animal. After his attack, Rodney went on a quest to better understand the great white shark in order to overcome his fear. Through learning about this species and providing a platform for research, filming and photography, Rodney enabled images to be circulated and aided in the appreciation of this species around the world.
We aim to present our research findings through various effective mediums. These include scientific publications, prominent film documentaries, photographs and articles at various target magazines, our website, and the media. See Research for further information on our research program.
We also wish to make use of our long-term relationships in involving many of the world's most prominent shark scientists, naturalists, and photographers to further increase the profile of the white shark.