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Public Speaking

Rodney has been invited as guest speaker to many diverse groups and at diving festivals throughout North America, Europe, Israel, South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Rodney tells the amazing miracle of his escape from the jaws of death. His survival and how he built the first cages and organised the first ever expedition to hunt and film the Great White Sharks. This was before his involvement with the classic blockbuster "Blue Water White Death".

Some of his favourite stories relate to when he was principal adviser and expedition coordinator for the second unit live shark filming for the original "Jaws" movie. He tells some great stories from true experiences with the midget stunt diver (used to make smaller Great White Sharks appear of Jaws proportions), including teaching Carl to scuba dive, "Pull him up I think he is drowning" and "They are not paying me enough". He also tells of painting bullet holes on the head of a big live Great White Shark " Jaws " stand in with Valerie Taylor's lipstick.

Since Rodney's attack by a Great White in 1963 his involvement with the giant sharks include consultant, guide, expedition leader, hunter, film producer, photographer, coordinator, actor, diver, cage designer, protector and more. He also spent much of his early career as a professional abalone diver in the same waters he filmed the sharks. This wide variety of experiences gives Rodney a huge repertoire to talk on.

Rodney's talks also inspire his audiences to overcome any fears they have in life, and through a process of understanding and education he hopes anyone can begin to appreciate and respect that which they were formally afraid of, to enjoy a better life.