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Here are a selection of some of the testimonials that have been emailed, written in our guest book, back deck bathroom or posted on our facebook page!


Thanks for the best experience of my life. Absolute class, will def be getting more Scots involved. Thanks to everyone onboard. Blown away by the experience! Colin McW from Scotland! May 2012


Andy & the Crew (Jen, Tim & Pete) Thank you all for your help knowledge & enthusiasm which has made these two days so brilliant! It was an awesome adventure & the best celebration for my 30th! The beautiful white sharks will captivate me forever more. I will be back! James D & Bel S May 2012


Andy and the crew, Jen, Pete and Tim, Thank you so much for an amazing trip, it couldn’t have got any better. I will be singing your praises to all that will listen. Good luck for the future, Regards Kim, May 2012


After 20 years of planning, my dream trip finally happened & 100% lived up to expectations. Thanks to Andrew and the crew for a perfect holiday. Oh, and thanks to all the sharks, 11 yesterday and 13 today! I couldn’t have wished for anything more, Dan, May 2012


Truly outstanding trip, lived up to all my expectations. So many sharks in 2 days, couldn’t ask for more. Mark, May 2012


Amazing experience, warm friendly staff and some truly brilliant & graceful predators. Loved it, managed to snag some awesome shots for my book too! Chris B, May 2012

'hey guys, the trip went too quickly! I have so many great photos and videos to show off to everyone up in Brissy. it was awesome to see these majestic creatures, I have a newfound respect and appreciation for them. to anyone contemplating going on a shark tour, it’s not scary at all! I felt very safe in the cage! I loved seeing sea lions and dolphins too. Such a friendly, down to earth, knowledgeable crew...GREAT food...wonderful experience, thank you!!'

Renee West

Hi Andrew, Jen, Jeff, Pet and Ian - Just wanted to say that we all had the best time on your boat. Thanks so much for the fun, the excitement, the education and the whole experience - it was mind blowing. The staff on the trip were amazing, extremely helpful and very welcoming. Our family took up nearly half of the boat but by the end of the trip, it felt like we were one big happy family. The kids have not stopped talking about it and sharing the photos around on face book. Back in the real world, I am missing Jen's chats and really missing Joeff's cooking - it was fantastic! I hope to organise another trip down to see you all one day as there are a few people that are very keen to experience what we did. Bye for now

Kylie Foldi

To Andrew and your wonderful crew (5th-8th January) – words cannot describe how thankful I am for the incredible experience you made possible for Chad and I. What an absolute privilege and an unforgettable three days. Keep up the fantastic work making more dreams come true :)

~ The Shark Whisperer ~ Jess Newell

We had a truly extraordinary experience. The opportunity to come up close to some of the most magnificent creatures in their own environment was breathtaking. A once in a lifetime type of experience made so unique because of our hosts at Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions.

They clearly have a genuine passion for the Great White Shark which is demonstrated not only by the way they engage in attracting the sharks and commit to research but also by their attention to detail in providing such a wonderful experience and service to their guests. - Ryan Stokes

Andrew and all you fantastic crew of the first expedition of 2012...THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for an absolutely AWESOME trip!!!!! Enjoyed every minute of it...well apart from disembarking on the final day and being unable to stowaway somewhere and continue the adventure....Can't WAIT to get back to Port Lincoln and dive with you guys again!!!! :-) !!! Kat Spruth

Hey guys, Thank you so much guys for the experience of a life time (2-5 Jan 2012 trip). It is definitely one that I will not forget in a hurry. I think I can now die a happy girl : ) Amelia Natoli

 Hi Andrew and Crew of the 1st 2012 expedition (sharks included) Thank you all soooo much for the most amazing, memorable, and most importantly life changing experience!
I'll NEVER EVER forget it! Hope to get back there again, sooner rather than later!! Nat Debattista

 Thanks to Andrew, Rachael and the crew! Wow... What a trip. Recommended to divers and non divers alike!
Rod Willett

"Thanks for the great diving....  Best ever in IMAX 3D"
Howard & Michelle Hall, filmmakers, Under The Sea 3D

"I came to photograph white sharks, Andrew and crew delivered!  The best ever!  I will be back!"  
Steven Frink, Photographer



 Best 18th Birthday ever!  Thanks guys, it was amazing.

Steph x

Although being in a cage, I never felt such a freedom in my entire life…

Guy Nir, Israel

What a weekend!  Fantastic experience, great crew and all all I will say is QUALITY!!!












OMG!!  How big?  6 massive sharks, crew are amazing, will remember always

Alan & Tabitha

What a SENSATIONAL trip!!  All our dreams exceeded! Wonderful sharks and sea lions.  Fabulous Crew.  Thank You

Jules & Michael

Thanks for the trip of a lifetime P2 crew.  What a relief it is to know that these beautiful animals will be protected forever thanks to Sharky’s Angels!  We’ll be back soon.  Thanks so much to you all.

Andrew & Helen Pilton, x

The seal made it! Discovery Channel Live!




18 metres down on the sea bed in the pitch black of darkness with only 10 great white sharks & ‘Tinker’ for company – NOT BAD!! for a night dive!  A ‘big jonny’ sized thank you Steve & Kate Hunter,

Rodney, Andrew & Crew!
Thanks for an awesome trip - much better than both S. Africa and Guadalupe put together!   Best Fishes! 
Jason Isley, Scubazoo, 

Hi Andrew, Pato, Johnsy and Hammy,

I wanted to thank you so very much for making my recent trip such a great and memorable time of my life! Everyone was so friendly and went out of their way to help us have a great time.

Even if we had not have seen a shark, I would have still had a great trip, because everything exceeded my expectations. I loved the learning, the relaxing, the quality time I got to spend with my family (away from distractions), the fun and the amazing new experiences such as diving with sea lions.

However, undoubtedly, the most exciting part was seeing the sharks. I am still on such a high after seeing these magnificent creations in person! I am so pleased that there are people out there such as yourselves that are actively protecting sharks so that future generations can experience them too. Offering such experiences to the public will surely help more people to develop at least a respect for sharks, if not a passion. I can say that many of my friends have been fascinated to hear about my experience even if they had a previous fear of sharks and thought I was a little crazy for liking them. My 4 year old daughter has started advocating for sharks too. She told her pre-school, that "Some people are scared of sharks and try to kill them, but you shouldn't because they are great." Furthermore, there are now other members of our family that after hearing about our experience have decided they want to go on a trip too. So we are now planning another family trip but with more of us this time. Michelle Scott, Australia Jan.

Dear Andrew, Rodney, Pato

I want to thank each and every one of you from the
bottom of my twisted old heart for one of the greatest weeks of my entire life. You were all such wonderful hosts and the voyage itself so magical that I am STILL on Cloud 9 from the experience--I have shown the pictures to people back here and they are just stunned--I believe I have also convinced my better half to join me for another trip, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

I'm sure you hear this kind of stuff all the time and probably fancy us silly Americans as easily impressed, but I can honestly say this trip changed my life and that I have rarely said about anything else. Flush with inspiration I am in the middle of writing a new song about our shared experience which I will record and send to you as soon as possible. It's called "All Aboard the Princess II" and will be the kind of thing you may want to share with your future guests, being a fun sea-chantey kind of song everyone can sing along with after either a good day's sharkin' or a Crows footy victory!

To Rodney especially, thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom with me--I felt many times during the trip that you made a special effort to reach out, not just to me but the other passengers as well, and to have that kind of quality time with someone who, whether he admits it or not is a legendary figure in the eyes of many people worldwide, was a privilege I will never forget.

And to the rest of you wonderful guys: Andrew the uncanny organizer, shark expert and wine connoisseur, Pato the outstanding cook, dive master and computer wizard, and Johnsie the intrepid boat wrangler and engine room maven (quite a resume for such a youngster!), THANKS AGAIN for everything and all the best for the rest of the season. Hope it continues as good as I had it. Song to come soon, return visit definitely on the slate, more music to send you down the road and God Bless the Crew of the Mighty Princess II--and give my best to Skipper Guy too (that rhymes, doesn't it?)
Wade Krieg USA

That trip inspired me in so many ways, but most of all...it was the passion and pride that everyone had in their work and their life. I came home with some incredible memories that will last forever, and I cant wait to do it again. My eyes were opened to much more than was apparent to me at the time, much more than I ever could have expected...
John U.S.A.

Thank you for the dive of my life! It was excellent; my only regret is that I cant do it again soon enough!
Mark UK.

I Just wanted to drop you guys a line quickly to say thank you very very much again for the amazing experience! I've already had great fun telling my family all my adventures and showing them the photographs. I will never forget my week aboard the Princess II.
Sarah, Singapore

Thanks so much for such an awesome trip. Lisa and I had the best time ever, it was the most intensely exciting thing I've ever done and I cant believe how cool it was!
Desley Australia,

The ironic thing about doing this expedition is that everyone thinks that you are totally insane thrill seeker, yet in reality, I probably have never been safer. Not that I have managed to convince anyone of that yet! The other thing I have found hard, is explaining this trip. The English language (or at least my knowledge of it) is far too limited to fully express to other people how much I enjoyed the trip. Only other people who have done this, will ever truly understand the range of emotions, and the indescribable excitement of seeing these magic animals in their natural environment.

Whilst I have now had a bit of time to think about it and ample opportunity to talk to a number of people about it, I still think of a new aspect of the trip that leaves me stumbling for words. I guess in short, for people who have ever had a dream that they wanted to accomplish and have, and the experience lived up to the years of dreaming, then you probably can relate.
Stephen, Australia,

“THANK YOU to ALL!!!  That was the greatest experience of my life, and I will NEVER forget it and all of you!!!  Moreover, I think I'm now an addict. I can't stop talking about it, visualizing it, wishing I were back there with all of you.  It's going to have to happen again (and again, and again).
John UK,

I would like to thank you so much for the unbelievable Great White Shark Expedition. Your organization, infrastructure, team and the trip itself have all been just perfect. I have been on many a diving cruises in lots of different places, but let me tell you, this was a totally different and certainly the most exciting experience. I have and always have had enormous respect for this perfect ocean hunter, but am today in awe for their power and grace. To be able to observe them down in their natural environment has been a long lasting dream of mine and it has finally come true. I feel blessed to have been able to observe the Great White Shark every day for the whole of the trip and am absolutely thrilled!

Please extend my thanks especially also to the whole crew. Without you and them working hard and hand in hand for us all day (and night), this experience would not have been possible. They did an outstanding job…. They are a great crew! The trip is certainly the most unforgettable of all cruises and I will treasure the memory of the encounter with the Great White Shark forever. May we know more about these animals and may we be able to protect them from extinction! I am already looking forward to seeing them again, sometime, somewhere...
Denise, Switzerland


"Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for helping to make the past 8 days so wonderful.  I had an amazing time with you and the rest of the crew. You were all great. I don't think I've ever laughed so much!!"
Lisa, U.K.