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Sponsored and named by Scott Weismann

Triton is a large 4.3m male profiled in Oct. 2008, and easily identified by the unique white markings on his caudal fin and upswept pectoral fins.

About the sponsor

"I have loved sharks all my life.  As a certified diver, I have dove with sharks in the Bahamas but my true passion is for Great White sharks.  I love the power and majesty of these beautiful creatures.  One of my goals is to dive off the coast of Australia with Great Whites.  They are very much misunderstood and Iím hoping that by helping Andrew Fox and his fantastic group we will learn more about these animals.  I chose the name Triton for this shark because Triton in Greek mythology is the messenger of the deep.  I hope he can bring a message to humans about how important they are to the oceans and help us better understand their environment so that we can better protect them.  "