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Sponsored and named by Ferre De Deyne

Ferdinand is a 4.3m male white shark.  He seems like a well natured shark around our vessel, perhaps suggesting he has been previously familiar with us, and so further analysis of our database in the future may allow us to profile him from the past.

He is appropriately named also for Ferdinand the Bull, from the children’s book They Story of Ferdinand, who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. This is because he is a big heavy shark who, although slow and casual, was not tentative or nervous, but was not really interested in chasing baits, but more into cruising around enjoying the scenery!

Ferdinand was present at the Neptunes in October 2011 during our winter season.


About the sponsors

I am really proud and very happy to be able to sponsor a beautiful Great White now called "Ferdinand".

These perfect evolved creatures are amazing to observe and it was love on first sight!

What you guys are doing is so worthwhile and honourable that I wanted to be part of it!

Being close for 5 days with people full of passion for these sharks is something I want to do again and again in the future, and having a close link now with Ferdinand, it will make it even more of a buzz. Main reason why I have adopted Ferdinand is because the Fox Shark Research Foundation needs to keep on doing what it is doing, being on the forefront of protecting and studying these amazing creatures!!

My love of sharks goes way back to my youth, when as a young skin-diver, I always respected their presence in their home, the sea and as long as we respect them, I am sure they will respect us!