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Why Rodney Fox?

Many people have heard the story of Rodneys infamous great white shark attack and miraculous survival back in the 1960's that changed his life forever. Rodneys achievements are many and include inventing the very first shark cage and taking the first film crews and passengers out to sea to look at great white sharks, an encounter where the sharks survived the experience. The pioneer of the worldwide industry of great white shark cage diving, Rodney still often comes onboard the expeditions as a special host and entertains with his many stories of adventure. The day to day running of the expeditions is now in the hands of his son Andrew. Andrew has spent nearly all his life with sharks and, along with his Marine Science background, it would be hard to find anybody who has more hands on experience with these amazing fish.


What has endured throughout the 45+ plus years of this small South Australian company are the Fox values of honesty to our guests and respect to the sharks. We do not run expeditions when there is not a good chance of seeing great white sharks and we are proud to have a high success rate which is due to our slightly longer expeditions and ability to stay out on location. The Neptune Islands are the key aggregation site in Australian waters for adult great white sharks but they do not live there and are not always there all year round. We will be honest with you about your chances of a successful encounter and we do not operate when this is low.


Our trips are not just all about the great white sharks however, and we will always look to snorkel or dive with the extremely cute and photogenic Australian sea lions and take a tour around the beautiful Neptune Islands in our tender boat to visit the New Zealand fur seals that live there. Life at the Neptune Islands is explained in our onboard great white shark biology and research talks as is the seasonal changes and seal breeding patterns that occur there.


Over 10 years ago Rodney, Andrew and Rachel Robbins created the Fox Shark Research Foundation 'To inspire the appreciation and understanding of great white sharks through research and education.' and through this we have learned much more about great white sharks. This knowledge (and what is still to be discovered) is shared each trip through guest questions and shark talks onboard. For Rodney and Andrew Fox this is not a money making business, it is a life long passion and a lifestyle and not one bit of this passion and respect for great white sharks has been lost along the way and over the years Andrew has individually identified and profiled the sharks we encounter and knows most of them by name.


To run our successful great white shark viewing tours, it is essential to have the correct South Australian government permissions that allow us to access to the Neptune Islands Marine Reserve, access the islands for walking tours, interact with marine mammals and to attract the sharks to our boat through the responsible use of berley.

Our small guest numbers on-board (max 12) allow lots of cage time and so long as all guests are getting a fair and equal look at the sharks, you can just stay in there! No dive experience is needed for our surface cage diving and our dive master crew will give you a briefing on how to breathe underwater if you have not done this before.


For qualified divers, our world exclusive ocean floor cage diving is quite addictive, here we take you to the floor of the Southern Ocean to see great white sharks truly in their domain with a huge array of other fish life including huge smooth rays, eagle rays and blue gropers!


Accommodation onboard includes a large comfortable saloon and 6 twin/double en-suite cabins and enjoying a night of star gazing with a glass of local wine after a beautiful sunset is the perfect way to relax after a thrilling day!


We also offer special rates for surface cage diving or topsider viewing only can help you learn to dive!

Please email us if you have any other questions about our expeditions and we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you out with us and becoming part of the Fox Shark family.