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Exclusively sponsored by Phil, Mel and Kalell Kemp. Adelaide, South Australia

Profile FSRF ID #NN070540M2. Sex: Male. Est. Length: 4m in 2005. Approx. Age: 12y.o. in 2005. Shade: solid caudal coloring, exaggerated upswept pectoral fins, robust frame, 3/5 dark grey 2005.

Dorsal Fin Distinctively notched and proudly peaked. Kalells' dorsal fin will make future topside identification's easy.

The first time we saw Kalell in June 2005 he ignored all baits for the first couple days and spent most of his time swimming very slowly at the surface, often disturbing the Giant Southern Petrols, albatross size birds that floated nearby our vessel looking for scraps.

Kalell Kemp 2005

"I have always held a fascination towards Great whites since I was a little boy. However it wasn't until a few years ago that I learnt that they were a threatened species. I then made it a personal mission of mine to learn everything I could about them. Throughout my research my passion grew more and more as I learnt that they were greatly misunderstood and were getting a very bad rap from the media and the general public.

After telling my wife everything that I was learning she also developed an interest in them and we both felt that we would like to be able to do something for them. It was then that we discovered the FSRF adoption program.

We thought it would be good to name the shark after our son Kalell.

Thanks Andrew for this opportunity to help contribute to their survival and good luck on future research. "

Phil and Mel

Phil is very happy to share his thoughts and passions on Great White Sharks.

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