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Sponsored by Pania Harris, Australia.

" I live in Kalgoorlie/Boulder , a long way from the ocean !! I have always been fascinated by sharks especially the Great Whites. I find them amazing and incredibly fascinating. After seeing the Nat Geo documentary of the Great Whites at False Bay South Africa I thought that it was time to do something to help these apex predators as man will surely wipe them out as they have many other animals. So finally after several hours surfing the net i stumbled onto the adoption scheme offered by Fox Shark Research Foundation and decided to adopt Mojo. Eventually I am hoping to get brave and go out and see a Great White ( without the big band in the background, Spielberg has a lot to answer for!!) that would be the ultimate thrill !! " Pania Harris

Mojo is a large and robust 4.3 metre female great white shark. When she first appeared to us at the North Neptune islands in July of 2004, her dark coloured back contrasted greatly with her white underside. Since August 2004 Mojo now also sports a "Gordon tag", a white Teflon plastic plate with the number and letter code "P2".

On Most Mornings on our July August and September 2004 expeditions it was Mojo that was first at our vessel. She was the third largest shark to appear to us over those few months, only surpassed by one larger female, and also by "Jonny" a large male that we are now very familiar with over the last 5 winter seasons at the Neptune Islands. Mojo actually had a larger head and jaw structure than the slightly longer "Jonny", who may have matured and slowed his growth rate now. Mojo, however is still a sub adult of approx. 12 years old and still at least a couple of years away from maturing and becoming reproductively active.