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Becoming a Shark Researcher

We do get many questions from people with dreams of becoming a shark researcher, wanting to know how to get into this highly competitive field. There are very few actual shark biologists in the world and not everyone is destined to be a scientist, but there are other ways to become involved with sharks.

The best path is probably to study really hard at school, especially in the sciences and maths, and then progress on to University to study Marine Biology or another related subject. After that you will more than likely need a higher degree in order to break in to the shark world, such as a Masters or PhD in a related field. It is a hard and highly competitive road, but there are many other avenues you can take if you want to work with sharks in some way.

You could become a professional photographer, a ships crewmember, a dive instructor or other occupation that involves sharks, even if not in a scientific capacity. Failing all else, you could work in a non-shark related job and earn enough money to be able to dive with sharks as your hobby!

The late Aidan Martin wrote a wonderful piece about becoming a shark researcher, which you can find here:

So You Wanna Be A Shark Biologist