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Sponsored and named by MARES

Strappy is a 2.5m male shark. He has become infamous after appearing at the Neptune Islands with packaging tape wrapped around his head and gill area, seemingly cutting deeper as he grew and no doubt interfering with his ability to eat, breathe effectively and function healthily.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, Andrew Fox was eventually able to cut the packaging tape free and remove it from Strappy, no doubt saving his life. He was seen the next day with a pronounced potbelly, probably a result of finally being able to feed properly again.

He has distinctive white markings on his dorsal fin, as well as scarring from the wounds inflicted by the tape.

Mares, who accompanied us on the rescue trip, have taken out an Elite Adoption of Strappy, but have kindly allowed us to offer him for sponsorship to everyone since his story touched so many people!

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