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Sponsored and named by Shawn and Jacinta

Ronnie is a 4.4m male white shark. Based on his length, he is approximately 14-17 years old and is large enough to be a breeding male.

He is a very big, dominant shark, with even bigger shark giving way and clearing out of the area when he turns up.

About the sponsors

Hi, our names are Shawn and Jacinta and we are from Brisbane in Queensland. We are both lovers of the Great White Shark, which is why we couldn’t resist adopting Ronnie. We encountered him in Jan 2011 on our 3rd and luckiest expedition. This is also a great way to help with the Fox Shark Research Foundation.

We named him Ronnie after the 8 time Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman who is a professional body builder. We thought this was suitable because they are both a mountain of muscle. We hope all that get the chance of meeting Ronnie enjoy his company as much as we did.