Our Code of Conduct

We have deployed a code of conduct to be undertaken by operators and all passengers. This code ensures the safety of all onboard, but also that of the sharks. It is of utmost importance for the preservation of the natural behavior of the sharks that we endeavour at all times to avoid any kind of conditioning to occur. 

Therefore, when operating our cage-diving expeditions, we:

  • Must operate in a manner that maintains the conservation of valuable marine species and environment
  • Will not harm or interfere with white sharks in any way
  • Act responsibly at all times
  • Take care at all times not to cause injury or unnecessary stress to sharks
  • Will not encourage abnormal behavior
  • Will not lure them out of water in pursuit of baits or decoys
  • Use fish based products only
  • Will not permit anybody to touch the sharks
  • Bait rope must be made from natural fibre twine
  • Will not intentionally feed or reward sharks with food
  • Will provide valuable assistance with research into white sharks


  • Please do not touch the sharks.
  • Please do not take control of bait ropes. It takes an experienced crewman to handle the ropes to avoid feeding the sharks and to operate ropes in a safe manner.


  • Do not endeavour to touch the sharks
  • Do not feed the sharks from the cage - it is of utmost importance to the welfare of the sharks now and in the future that conditioning of sharks to humans and divers is avoided.
  • You must remain inside the cage at all times