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Sponsored by Danielle Everett

Isabella is a large 4 metre female great white shark. Described by those that see her as  demure yet confident.  She seems to swim and float without any effort preferring to cruise at depths and rarely active on the surface.  When she first appeared to us at the North Neptune islands in July of 2006, her dark 2/5 dark shading was the typical grey.

Given the ID number of FSRFNNF14-07-06 Isabella has no distinctive scaring but can easily be identified by the marking of her countershading on her right hand side over the first 2 gill flaps - this forms a marking similar to a spatter of  white - and she has a distinctive knotch in her upper dorsel.

About the sponsor

Age 31 - Lives on the South Coast of Sydney -  Cronulla Beach and has always been fascinated by Sharks - especially the Great White Shark. I have watched Documentaries from Ron and Valeria Taylor along with reading about Sharks from Rodney Fox.

My favourite movie is Jaws - funny that and I have had the wonderful experience of doing a Shark Dive at Manly Aquarium in Sydney Australia for my 30th Birthday..

I hope do a full Shark Dive with Mr Fox for my 40th Birthday. I have received this sponsorship as a birthday present from my partner.