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Non Divers

SCUBA Diver certification is not necessary!

Non-certified divers can still have a full experience in our "regular" floating surface cages. Cage diving generally requires no fins to be worn, and BCD’s and snorkels are optional. For surface cage diving we have the option of a "hookah" air hose supply for convenience, and also to save the weight of carrying a SCUBA tank on your back. It is a safe easy, and physically undemanding diving situation.

If you do not wish to dive, there is much to offer “Non Divers”, who join us now on most trips. We have non-divers onboard every trip and these include full time specialist topside photographers, and non-diving partners accompanying divers on board, or those just wishing to be topside observers and happily remain topside. Much of the enjoyment of this adventure is provided from the spectacular topside viewing of great whites and the other unique wildlife action on and around the surrounding islands.
There is much onboard socialising, spectacular coastal scenery, with island excursions, sunsets, and on clear nights, unsurpassed clear starry views of our Milky Way Galaxy. Other than Rodney and Andrew we also enjoy special guest speakers and prominent filmmakers and photographers as extra story telling hosts on some tours throughout the year.