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Marco - In Memory of Marco Lazzinaro

Sponsored in memory of and named after Marco Lazzinaro. This adoption was funded by Marco’s family, Michael Sheginario, Beth Halem (coordinator) and the students and staff at Great Neck South High School, Great Neck, New York, USA

Marco loved great white sharks, and he and I had been taking a marine biology class (instead of chemistry), and we were lab partners, so I became friendly with him this year. When we were doing our shark unit in marine biology, his love and interest for great white sharks developed even more, since he was learning new things about them that he never learned before. He had turned to me one day while we were watching a movie on marine biologists learning about sharks while in shark cages, and he said to me, " before i die, my dream is to swim with a great white shark, or go in one of those shark cages." A few weeks after, he had died in that car crash, and I felt like I needed to do something for him, that related to a great white shark since he loved them so much. - Beth Halem

"Marco" is an extremely curious shark, and at 4m long is a large mature male. When visiting our expedition vessel at the Neptune Islands he often gives spectacular displays to surface viewers and also our divers by putting his head out of the water and approaching the cages at very close quarters. Marco is normally particularly active around the surface cages and baits and when present will often keep all other sharks at bay, exerting his dominance