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Big Sime

Sponsored by Simon Williams

Big Sime is a 4.3m, very powerfully built male, who arrived in September 2007, in the winter season, at North Neptune Island.

Contrasting with his relatively dark body, he displays a large flash of white markings on his lower tail fin, as well as on his gill plates.

Big Sime is prominent around our submersible observation cages down on the ocean floor, dominating the bottom cage diving action. He is a very confident shark and approaches cages, the boat platform and other large sharks with confidence at most times. He is therefore a favourite among many divers who have had the pleasure of observing him up close!

About the sponsor

 "I have grown up around the beach all my life and have a huge association with the ocean and all that it means for creatures to co exist in there environment. Born in Whyalla and spending many years holidaying in Tumby Bay, near Port Lincoln South Australia, I have always had a strong passion with The Great White Shark. Were we fish, The Sir Joseph Groups Banks, there are quite a few of them out there and Dangerous Reef has a huge seal colony out there and it is a great viewing area to see them in their natural habitat. Being an avid fisherman, I am so glad that the protection of The Great White Shark has become a world wide programme because there was a time when they were hunted and killed for no reason. If you don't eat an animal, you should not kill it. That is my philosophy. What The Fox Shark Research Foundation has done to protect The Great White Shark is a magnificent organisation. I hope for many years to come that we all learn to appreciate how amazing this creature is and we learn to co exist together."