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Meet Our Team

Andrew Fox is our expedition leader. Ever since a young boy, Andrew accompanied his father Rodney on their expeditions, and now has nearly 30 years of cage diving experience. He has spent far more time underwater filming and observing great white sharks than anyone else in the world. Most of these dives have been as a guide in our special submersible bottom diving cages, taking expedition members right down to the sea floor.

Andrew has enjoyed most of his life working with leading film crews, photographers and shark researchers from all around the world. With this experience, Andrew strives to encourage expedition members to get full advantage of every wonderful Great White opportunity that presents.

Each day Andrew records all shark activity and profiles each shark. He encourages all passengers to get involved in these activities and with special talks, to also gain an appreciation of the biology and ecological importance of this species. With camera in hand, he also tries to capture all the spectacular shark activity in the water, and special people moments onboard.

Rodney Fox is the ultimate host to take you to meet your first great white, and needs little introduction to shark lovers. He is a miracle survivor of one of the worst non fatal shark attacks on record. Rodney is also the inventor of the shark cage and the original pioneer of shark cage diving.

Rodney has coordinated numerous expeditions for organisations including National Geographic, IMAX, Disney, Universal Studios, and the Cousteau Society. For more than 40 years, Rodney has dedicated his life to major photographic, film, research and conservation projects with Great White Sharks. He is renowned worldwide as a foremost champion to the protection and understanding of his former attacker.

Special selected voyages with Rodney onboard are fantastic storytelling events. Rodney draws upon an incredible and unparalleled diving career of funny, unusual, and thrilling experiences, including his famous shark attack story. 

Jennifer "Tinker" Taylor

Jennifers role has changed. More details coming soon.

Dr Rachel Robbinsis the expedition and foundation’s Chief Scientist. She has been with the foundation since its inception, and is our scientific researcher and advisor. Rachel has researched many aspects of the white shark, including sexual and size segregation, behaviour and conditioning, and pioneered our satellite-tagging program.


Rachel completed her doctoral thesis, entitled “Environmental factors affecting sexual and size segregation, and the effect of baiting on the natural behaviours, of great white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias, at the Neptune Islands, South Australia” in 2006 after 4 years of research with the FSRF.

Rachel is responsible for overseeing the foundation’s research projects, attracting grants and funding, publication of the results of our research efforts, giving talks to community and school groups, and addressing the media when necessary. She also answers all questions through the FSRF website from members and sometimes accompanies us on standard and special research expeditions.