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Sponsored and named by Daren Bracewell

Carlos is a 4.3m male great white shark.

He is a very slow and deliberate shark, and has been a very prominent performer in our winter 2010 season. He has tall, long and curved fins, and is very long and slim in body shape. He also has a very distinctive, big dark y-shaped scar next to his tag.  He has some significant, healing bite marks on his left side gill area.

About the sponsor

" Born and bred in Western Australia.  I am more fascinated with getting as close as possible to large wild animals.  This desire first began with an up close and personal experience with the silverback mountain gorilla.  Being on the rather large size myself itís good to feel small in their company. So far my list includes in the water experience with whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays. My land experience has been gained in 3 trips to various parts of Africa but still chasing tigers and bears. My most memorable experience on the Rodney Fox tour was watching Silvia (large female) 3 times in succession eat the bait.  Great Whites are truly an ambush predators and when she made her mind up she was going to win. It was very impressive to watch her plan her attack mesmerising us all with her monotony then a quick change of plan and bang mouth full of tuna. Back on land I also enjoy high altitude walking and camping. Education provides understanding which may reduce some of the bad press sharks receive. So Iím very pleased to support the research and subsequent better understanding of these impressive  creatures."