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What to bring on your Fox Expedition

Warm clothing
Out on the Southern Ocean we can experience highly variable daily temperatures. These range from daily maximums of about 20-30C (70-90F) in our summer, down to about 12-20C (55-70F) on our peak winter dates.

It is also possible to experience cooler weather during our summer period, especially stargazing up on the upper deck at nights. It is therefore advised to bring a light jacket and/or sweater on all dates, or alternatively purchase warm "Fox Expedition wear" onboard. Any comfortable shoes can be worn onboard the deck of Princess II.

Fox Expedition Wear
Polo-Shirts and various warm clothing can also be purchased onboard the vessel.  T-shirts and polo tops are AU$40, and warmer rugby tops, hooded sweaters and polar fleeces are AU$60/item.

Go to our Gift Shop to purchase now

Personal Dive gear - can be hired, more information

Video and Still Cameras: See section on camera hire and sales availability.

Alcoholic Drinks
Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages onboard as we have a  'Ship's Bar Only' policy. Soft drinks are complimentary.

Snacks and soft drinks are provided complimentary, including crisps, chocolate, nuts, and cheese. Bringing extras is always a great idea especially for bribes and special favors :o)

  • Diver Certification/C-card  MUST BE BROUGHT ONBOARD for certified divers intending to dive in our submersible cage.
  • Credit cards or cash for any onboard purchases
  • Sunglasses that specifically have polarised lenses. These are a real advantage for spotting sharks approaching under the surface glare on the water. This advantage also applies for polarized filters on topside camera lenses.
  • Film and batteries.
  • Sunscreen, hats. Bulk sunscreen is complimentary, and caps are available for sale onboard, however personal lip balm is a good idea to carry!
  • Personal Medical and toiletry needs necessary for the duration of the voyage
  • Seasickness tablets for sensitive people.

Tanks onboard

We have yoke fittings and have the ability (though limited) to convert to a DIN valve

Satellite Phone

Standard digital, and even CDMA mobile phones are often out of range out at the Neptune Islands. In good weather CDMA is occasionally possible when standing on the top deck facing north, and SMS messages with a CDMA phone seem to get out most times, but are not reliable.  Satellite phone service is therefore available to passengers and is payable directly after use. The ship keeps contact with its Adelaide based office daily, so messages can also be passed on this way.