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The Rodney Fox Promise

At Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, we value our positive reputation and worldwide recognition in the promotion and progression of great white shark conservation and education and our vision is ‘To be the global first choice for responsible, sustainable, productive and educational great white shark viewing.’

We understand that for many people to see a great white shark is a dream and we also value our high level of return custom from our guests. 

We also know from nearly 50 years of experience know that when dealing with nature that there can be no promises made and that many elements of a successful shark expedition are out of our control.

We have looked separately at all the elements that make a successful great white shark expedition and where it is possible for us to influence, we have.

So can we promise you great white sharks? Well, unfortunately the answer to that has to be no, but what we do promise is that where we can have some influence for a successful great white shark encounter, that we do the right thing by you, the paying guests.

So what things can we influence and what can we PROMISE you?

Well first up, with Rodney and Andrews nearly 50 years experience of working with great white sharks, we can PROMISE you that our expeditions are based on unprecedented experience and knowing the differing seasons in which it is likely to see great white sharks in South Australian waters, we can also promise you that we will be honest about the best times to visit.

So when we set our expedition dates and durations, what we promise to you is to:

  • only run shark expeditions when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks
  • take seasonal daylight hours into consideration 
  • take typical seasonal weather into consideration 
  • be realistic that great white sharks can take hours and sometimes days to turn up
  • be honest about the need to use berley to give the best chance of sightings and the time we believe is needed to really appreciate each individual shark

We take small group numbers, max. 12, so the shark experience is unrushed and gives plenty of cage time, which of course also gives maximum shark time, not just to have a quick glimpse of a tail fin, but to really get a good look at these magnificent fish!

Our operation also shows respect to the great white sharks and avoids the type of behaviour that can smash teeth and damage sharks.

As a responsible operator we also have special permission from the South Australian government to use berley to attract great white sharks to our vessel and cages.

So why do we do it this way?

Well, we are a small, long running and honest company and to be honest, we don’t want to take your money unless we know that we are doing everything within our power to deliver you the best experience and to be honest again, it makes us feel good too! We accept payment from passengers knowing that we are doing everything possible in our power to have a successful great white shark encounter.

Finally, if after all of this, if you don’t see great white sharks, we will offer you a 50% discount for a return expedition. This is valid for 2.5 years as we understand that international guests are not always back in Australia within a 6-12 month period. If you then get unlucky on your second trip, the 3rd one is free until you do see them!

Hope to see you onboard with us!

Best Wishes, The Rodney Fox Team

Ps, did we tell you that we are the only Australian great white shark company to have 100% success in 2011, 98% in 2012 and 2013!