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Sponsored and named by the Bannister boys

Jonny is a large 4.6m male, who is a regular seasonal visitor to the Neptune Islands. His first appearances each year are often tremendous topside spectacles where he frequently lifts his head from the water and seems to examine the people and the boat, giving all onboard quite an thrill. This feature, along with his curious nature around the cages, has made him a star in a few nature documentaries.

Despite his length and large girth, he has more of a streamlined torpedo shape than some other big sharks that we know, including heavy females of similar length that he frequently is seen in company with! He has a distinctive eye-shaped white patch on on his lower caudal fin.

Jonny has been our most consistent visitor to the Neptune Islands in the last 8 seasons and is prominent over many weeks throughout several expedition dates each year. He is sighted between June and September each year.

About the sponsors

The Platinum Combo Adoption was a Christmas present to the four Bannister Boys from their Dad.  While they were warned that ‘this Christmas, we’re going Green’, little did they expect such a magnificent gift.  The boys were thrilled - especially the youngest who now shares with anyone and everyone that he ‘has a pet Great White Shark called Jonny’ - and they all wait in anticipation for Jonny’s expected return to the Neptune Islands and the planting of the acoustic tag.

If anyone has any personal expedition photographs or video footage of Jonny that they wish to share with the Bannister Boys, please send them to the dedicated email address:

Professional photographers are invited to send low-resolution examples with associated costs.  Please note that all images/footage received will be for personal use only and, for each no-cost item sent, a donation will be made to the Fox Shark Research Foundation.