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Sponsored by Matthew Peter  Conboy. Tasmania, Australia

Christine is officially named in memory of Christine Mary Conboy with the FSRF.

Christine the shark was first documented at North Neptune Island in June 2005. Possibly also seen as a smaller non-profiled juvenile in previous years. She was recorded over several expeditions through to August 2005, which indicates she may regularly take up residency at the Neptune Islands in future seasons.

Likely due to her seemingly good form & conditioning, Christine was comfortable in the company of much larger sharks, and rarely appeared alone to us.

She was very elusive at the surface and avoided being tagged from our vessel. Her identification came only through photographic profiling from submersible bottom cage dives. Here she would approach the cage closely and curiously, but never recorded to actually make contact.

Profile FSRF ID #NN060533F1. Sex: Female. Est. Length: 3.3m 2005. Approx. Age: 6-7 y.o. in 2005. Shade: 4/5 Dark Grey 2005 Clean markings, minimal blotching on caudal, large RHS cheek.

Dorsal Fin A relatively smooth edged and broad dorsal. As she matures we expect to see more distinctive notches developing in the trailing edge. The notches in the top quarter most determinative feature.

Christine Mary Conboy

26th April 1952 - 7th July 2004

" Its kind of ironic really. My Mother was a strict vegetarian. Before her life came to a sudden tragic end, she spent many hours under the sea, observing this extraordinary world she had grown to love more than her own.

 I suppose this adoption is in a way a little selfish. I'm sure mum would have adopted a leafy sea dragon or perhaps a baby fur seal. However I choose a Great White Shark because like my Mother they  have a a pretty tough run.

 I know that every time I visit the underworld that I will have a certain connection with a beautiful creature that deserves more  understanding."  
Matthew P. Conboy