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Sponsored and named by Elissa Bailey from Australia

Photon is a very feisty 2.6m untagged male, first encountered at the Neptune Islands in April 2001. He swam extremely rapidly around the boat and cages which, along with his feisty nature, made him impossible to tag.

About the sponsor

I live in Canberra the capital of Australia. I learnt about apex predators during a zoology course in my first year at the Australian National University and although I have changed directions and am currently in the 3rd year of a medical science degree. I still think sharks are awesome examples of a creature adapted to their environment. I decided to adopt a shark because, although they are not cute like dolphins and whales their contribution to the oceanís ecosystem is crucial. The ocean needs these beautiful creatures and we shouldnít let peopleís fear and ignorance wipe out yet another species that has no control over itís destiny.