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Sponsored and named by Steve Ivacko

Hooper is a 4.3m male shark, is very robust and well muscled in body shape, and has a very austere face.

He is a very healthy-looking shark and his movements are very deliberate and agile for such a long shark. He is also very precise and calculating, never accidentally touching the cages or the boat, which probably contributes to his clean and sleekly unblemished appearance.

He has distinctive and very long, hooked dorsal and caudal fins.

About the sponsor

"I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but moved to Canada's west coast to be near the ocean.  Seeing the movie "Jaws" as a child made me want to scuba dive, which I started doing 5 years ago, with the highlight thus far being an expedition with Rodney and Andrew.  Tired of being an accountant, I've completed my divemaster certification and working towards my instructor rating"