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Sponsored by MaryAnn Radlinksy

"My interest in the great white shark may be my mother's fault. When I was young, she would not allow me to see the movie "Jaws" with my brothers. So, I watched any and every documentary on the great fish and filled my shelves with books about it. The top "to do" on my list was to take a trip aboard the Falie with Rodney Fox to see the great whites of South Australia. Some 20 years later I was thrilled to make an expedition with Rodney, Andrew, and Stan Waterman on board. Go figure. The trip was phenomenal; I had to support their research, because I understand the difficulty in obtaining funding for research not embraced by the general public. Thanks for all of the hard work done by the Fox Shark Research Foundation!!  "


"Mitzi" is named after a beloved friend who has helped me through veterinary school, internship, residency, surgery boards, private practice, and faculty positions at two universities. My dog, by the way, is small; he's named after the great white's little cousin, Mako." -MaryAnn Radlinsky.