World Exclusive Ocean Floor Diving

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions is the only great white shark cage diving operation that caters specifically for qualified divers. If you have your open water diver cert or above then you can experience the great white shark like very few have, down on the ocean floor and face to face in his domain.

Our special cage is slowly lowered to the ocean floor where a host of Southern Ocean sealife awaits you. Giant smooth rays (the world's largest stingrays) will surround you, eagle rays will glide by and wrasse, leatherjackets and the beautiful South Australian blue groper are never too far away. This of course, is just the beginning as out of the blue a huge shape appears, you take a sudden intake of breath as a great white shark appears from nowhere and majestically and effortlessly swims by. You will be spellbound by his grace and power with an image ingrained in your memory that will last a lifetime.

For the photographer this experience gives you truly unparalleled and otherwise unobtainable photo opportunities.

Each ocean floor dive has one of our dive master crew in the cage to safely escort you and your cage dive buddies.

Want to learn to dive before coming on a Rodney Fox adventure? Check out our specials page for diving deals!

Surface Cage Diving - Spectacular experience, no certification needed, more details coming soon,.....