Dive Gear

All passengers wanting to cage dive need to either bring along their own equipment or hire equipment onboard. This includes wetsuits with sturdy dive boots, hood and gloves.

Certified SCUBA divers can partake in our special submersible cage dives to the ocean floor. Should you wish to take advantage of this, you will need to bring or hire a SCUBA regulator for the trip. Proof of certification is essential if you wish to participate in a submersible bottom cage dive.

Non-certified SCUBA divers can dive in the floating surface cages, and do not need to hire a regulator, as here we use surface air supply hookah lines.

Diving gear is available for hire on board at special package rates. All wetsuits and scuba equipment are on board and are freshly serviced and reliable. Mask hire can be included complimentary in the package on request; however we recommend divers bring their own personal mask that fits as perfectly as possible.

SCUBA tanks, SCUBA back pack harnesses, and weight belts are complimentary onboard for all passengers.

Tanks onboard - We have yoke fittings and have the ability (though limited) to convert to a DIN valve.

Complete dive gear packages include

  • 7mm plush-lined warm wetsuit with hood, boots and gloves
  • Regulators
  • Backpack
  • Weight belt and weights
  • Mask
  • Tank

Complete dive gear packages are priced at:

3-Day tour AUD$120 *
4-Day tour AUD$160*
5-Day tour AUD$200 *

Non-diver gear package (no regulator etc):

3-Day tour AUD$60 *
4-Day tour AUD$80*
5-Day tour AUD$100 *

* Hire rates are calculated on the length of the tour, regardless of the diving activity.