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Sponsored and named by Rod Hobson

Toto is a 4.2m female shark, and is very robust and well muscled in body shape.

She is a very healthy-looking shark and her movements are very deliberate. She also has a very persistent and curious nature and spent a lot of time checking out the cages and divers.

She has a distinctive spot on each side of her lower caudal fins.

About the sponsor

I’ve been interested in animals generally for all of my life. For the last 15 years I’ve worked as a resource ranger for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service mainly performing fauna and flora surveys of our protected areas. My interest in Great Whites and sharks generally stems from a particular fascination with top order predators. The Great White is an animal that I’ve always wanted to see but, as most of my work is land-based I’ve only recently had the opportunity to fulfil this desire. I can now add it to Bengal Tiger, Komodo Dragon, Saltwater Crocodile and some other of the world’s most ‘charismatic’ species that I’ve had the good fortune to see on their home turf. I may not see some of these again but as the Great White is literally on my doorstep I really hope to catch up with it again in the future. My wife Betty and I are both looking forward to charting the progress of ‘our’ shark Toto.

Toto is Swahili for ‘child’ and also the name of Dorothy’s little dog in the classic musical The Wizard of Oz. It is also the name of our dog; a mutt of dubious parentage but predominantly Jack Russell Terrier. Unfortunately for her, and my wallet, she was bitten by a highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake two days before I embarked on my Rodney Fox Shark Expedition. When I departed for Port Lincoln the veterinarian’s prognosis for her was extremely doubtful and we honestly believed that she’d be gone before I returned from South Australia. It wasn’t until after the conclusion of the shark expedition that I could contact home and, to my joy, was informed that she’d defied the odds and survived. She has now made a full recovery. I originally intended that the adoption of the shark would be a memorial but now am glad to say that it’s a celebration. This is the genesis of our shark adoption and the subsequent name for the Great White. I look forward to seeing Toto the Shark ‘in the flesh’ one day.