Our Shark Expeditions

Here at Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions, we want you to see great white sharks! And not just a quick flashing pass of grey, we want you to really see and experience the wonder and amazement of great white sharks and get that tickle down your spine as one of the worlds prehistoric, amazing and definitely misunderstood fish swims by you. 

So this is why, after nearly 50 years of experience, Rodney and Andrew Fox can hold their heads high knowing that their combination of more time on location, more cages and less people makes us the the South Australian shark viewing company with the most successful shark encounters.

We also understand that not everyone has the time to spend endless days and days at sea, so that is why we have come up with a range of expeditions that takes the typical seasonal weather and hours of sunlight into consideration. Plus with our expeditions only running when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks, you definitely have the best chance of making your great white shark dream come true with us.

Our Promise 

It is of course, impossible for us to promise you sharks, but we can promise you a few things, on top of our expeditions only running when there is a good chance of seeing great white sharks, we promise you a half price return trip if you don't and if you get incredibly unlucky again, then it is free until you do!   For more information on what we can promise please read The Rodney Fox Promise.

Anyway, back to our great white shark expeditions! In the lovely warm months of summer, when the days are longer and the weather is usually pretty nice, we offer 2 night and 3 night expeditions. These run from October to the end of February.

In winter when the weather is a little more unpredictable and the days shorter we offer our 4 night expeditions. These give 3 full days on location but that extra night allows us to fine tune our departure around the weather. With this flexibility we are proud to say we have only missed one day at the Neptune Islands in over 3 years! Winter trips run from late May - October. Check out White Shark Expeditions for all our scheduled expeditions and detailed itineraries.

Also in winter, it is that special time of year for the amazing phenomenom of giant Australian cuttlefish mating. To coincide in this fairly short annual window we also offer our 'Southern Wonders' expeditions. These expeditions are 8 nights in duration and also include more time with the Australian sea lions, leafy sea dragons, weedy sea dragons and of course great white sharks. We often run these expeditions with a professional photographer onboard to help you get that perfect shot!

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