Our Promise

We value our positive reputation and worldwide recognition in the promotion and progression of great white shark conservation and education. We have taken our 50 years experience with great white sharks to bring you our promise.

Andrew Fox tagging a shark

Our Research

Every Tour adds to our research. Every guest contributes to us learning more about Great White Sharks. They are fascinating creatures, much of their world is still a mystery, and just by being on board the Princess II you’re helping to unlock those mysteries.

Rodney Fox

The Rodney Fox Story

Shark attack survivor, abalone fisherman, shark conservationist, film-maker and pioneer of the global great white shark cage diving industry. Rodney Fox's story is a life time of adventures.

Andrew Fox

The Andrew Fox Story

Andrew Fox was born to a life of sharks. He has spent thousands of hours underwater with great whites and has developed an uncanny ability to recognise individual sharks at first sight. Over the years he has contributed greatly to shark conservation and research as well as peer reviewed scientific publications on the species.